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Toine, Esther, Thomas and Lukas Verkooyen / Holland / 2011-07-15
Dear Mr and Mrs, Thank You very much for the nice holiday! We enjoyed a lot. Thank you for your hospitality. Toine, Esther, Thomas and Lukas Verkooyen
Jeroen, Marloes, Lieve en Tijn / Holland / 2011-11-27
We stayed here for 2 weeks. Very nice people, great hospitality. You arrive with a warm welcome and will leave with a smile on your face. Nearby the beautifull ocean, you can walk there. Get your bread at the campside nearby and BBQ your fish you'll get from the locals who drive by the appartment with the catch of the day. José and Mathilde will tell you what the best buy is and how to prepare it. Every day fresh and free water. And you can go to the city center for 5 euros. We had a great time!
Sabine and Ralf / Germany / 2012-06-24
Hello nice People, thank you very much again for the wonderful hospitality in your apparment. We enjoyed a lot to be welcome with the salad of your garden and your homemade wine. Thank you as well for the fresh water, it makes you young and beautiful, rigth, José?;-)) The nearby beach is beautyful as well as the nice people in the aquario beach bar, our second home! Best wishes from Cologne, June 2012, Sabine and Ralf
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